A hammer in search of a nail…

Pool Cue Rack – part 2

Last week I spent another 4 hours routing out the grooves on the rack for the bridge cue, brush, and chalk and performing the assembly and glue up. You can see it assembled and standing up in this picture:

And this one shows the grooves a little better. The bottom left has 8 circles for the cue butts and a square (with a circle in the center) for the bridge, the bottom right has a rectangle for the brush, and the shelf above that has a thin rectangle that will hold 6 chalk cubes (directly above the peg to hold the ball rack).

After that, Laura and I spent another couple of hours yesterday putting the trim on and final sanding. We put some crown molding along the top with some more accent trim below that. Laura’s better than me in figuring out the cuts for mitering the corners (I’m more of a trial and error guy: that cut didn’t work? Okay, I’ll turn it upside down and try again. No? Okay, how about turning it backwards…). You can see the trim in this picture.

Next step is staining and poly. Laura is also going to get some foam rubber for the cue butt circles in the bottom (as well as potentially the other grooves).


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