A hammer in search of a nail…


Sunday’s 7k was my first race using Runkeeper for the iPhone.  I am currently using the free version which I like a lot better than using the Nike+ (which I’m not using anymore) as it utilizes the iPhone’s GPS and can map your run on Google Maps (which has been very accurate for me).  For my workout runs, I have been using Runkeeper along with a Polar watch which I use to track my heartrate (which neither the Nike+ or Runkeeper/iPhone can do).


My impression after one race is that the display of the distance on Runkeeper is too small to read while running.  When I’m not racing, this isn’t a big deal, but for a race, I’d like to know my pace and the distance so far (so I know when to kick for the finish).  Runkeeper does show the pace in a big font along with the elapsed time, but your speed and distance in a small font. It uses most of the screen to show your pace over the run as a bar chart (which I don’t find too useful).

Runkeeper has just released a new version of the software that includes voice prompts that is configurable so you can have it tell you how you’re doing every so many minutes or so many miles.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I will and start using it during my training runs so I’ll be comfortable with it in my next race.  This might address my complaint (although not for races that don’t let you use headphones).

I’ll post a review about this application in the future, but right now I am very happy with it for training.


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