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Pool Cue Rack – Part 3

When we last left the new rack, it was off to the “finishing room” (i.e., the basement).

Laura stained it and applied 3 coats of polyurethane to it to protect the finish. Follow the link to see the final pictures.

Here’s a picture after staining and the first coat of poly:

On Sunday, the third coat of poly was dry and the rack was ready for hanging. Laura cut circles from some black foam rubber for the cues and a square for the bridge top. We didn’t feel it necessary to add foam to the indents for the brush and chalk. The one item left to do is to put some kind of picture or emblem at the top.  We’d like to come up with something that can carry over to the (eventual) dart board cabinet on the opposite side of the room, but that’s a Laura item since she’s the artsy one.

This project took approximately 2 days total time across about 8 days: One for the ball tube, one for the cutting and dry fit, one for the routing of grooves and assembly, one for final sanding and attaching the trim, one for staining, and three for poly.  The project was started on March 7th and finished yesterday on the 22nd.

We are very happy with how this turned out and it can store all our equipment (and we are even able to store the table cover within the top). Here is the final version hanging on the wall:


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