A hammer in search of a nail…

“New” Buffet

With the completion of our closet organizer, Laura wanted to convert our old dresser into a buffet for the dining room.

The dresser has 9 drawers. It has three drawers across the top, two more on each side (so three in a column on each side), with one in the middle above a door that hid two more.

To convert to a buffet, the three drawers across the top were to stay but the rest of the drawers (and the middle door) were to go. I started to disassemble the dresser and realized the “shelf” under the drawers was nothing more than cardboard between two strips of wood. So this was removed under the second and third row of drawers. For the very bottom, I replaced the cardboard with an MDF shelf the entire length of the dresser. I used biscuits to join the shelf to the face of the dresser (a chance to try out my new P-C joiner!).

For the shelf under the second row of drawers, I built out two vertical panels from to to bottom (again biscuited to the front) with shelves on either side that were about 1/3 the width.

The two side shelves created a segment in the middle that I filled with two pieces of 1/4 inch plywood in an “X” to hold a few bottles of wine.

Since a picture is with a 1,000 words, see these pics after the jump…

The first picture shows the front of the new buffet with the drawers at the top, two shelves on each side and the wine rack in the center.

Buffet Front

Buffet Front

The second is a close-up of the back. I saved the original 1/4 inch cardboard back which I’ll put back once Laura finishes painting.

Buffet Back

Buffet Back

The third photo shows a closeup of the left-side shelves while the fourth shows the right side. Laura couldn’t wait to try it out and has already put platters on the shelves…

Left Shelves

Left Shelves

Right Shelves

Right Shelves

The last picture is a close-up of the wine rack.

Wine Rack

Wine Rack

I’ll post more pics once Laura finishes her painting. I’m sure it will be as creative as her bedside nightstands…


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