A hammer in search of a nail…

Last weekend I built three shelves to fit in a cubby we have below the TV and next to the fireplace.  These shelves would hold the components for the TV (Receiver, DVR, etc.) as well as some extra space for DVDs, games, accessories, etc.

So here are the three shelves installed but unpainted.  I used the same technique I used to create the shelves for the bookcases but in this case I used MDF instead of plywood but with a a poplar 1×2 routed to a bullnose mounted on the front of the shelf.  This gives the shelf a ‘beefier’ look and hides the unfinished edge of the MDF panel.

Unpainted TV Shelves

Unpainted TV Shelves

Previously, we just had our old server in the cubby with the components on top.

Here’s a shot of it moved out of the way for installing the shelves:

Server - Our previous shelf

Server - Our previous "shelf"

Here is close-up shot of the shelves:

Close-Up 1

Close-Up 1

The ends of the shelves are held up with cleats screwed into the side walls. The cleats are made from 1×1 poplar (cut down from wider stock), are about 16″ long (the shelves are 18″ deep), and are hidden by the fronts of the shelves. The shelves are free-floating in that they are not screwed to the cleats so they can be slid in and out to get to the components’ backs. The front of the shelves butt up against the cleat so they don’t go all the way back to the wall and leave about 3 inches for the cables and airflow for the components.

Here’s another close-up:

Close-Up 2

Close-Up 2

Stay tuned to see how these turn out once they are painted and re-installed (and all those wires straightened up ;))


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