A hammer in search of a nail…

So Laura and I finished the TV Component shelves.  After the pictures in part 1, we noticed the shelves had a bit of a sag in the middle.  To combat this, I added another strip of wood to the back of the shelves.  This was similar to the bullnose on the front, but I didn’t rout the back, I just left it square since you can’t see them.  I also added a cross brace in the middle of the shelves (front to back as they are installed).  I don’t know that this really did anything, but as long as I was “reinforcing”, I figured it couldn’t hurt. 😛

Laura purchased some baskets for the PS3 controllers, games, and even one for blankets at the bottom (for cold nights). And apparently our little gargoyle has a new home as well…

Here is a picture of the final product (and yes, I did straighten out those cords, so it doesn’t look messy)

Finished Shelves 1

Finished Shelves 1

A couple more pictures of the finished shelves…

Finished Shelves 2

Finished Shelves 2

Finished Shelves 3

Finished Shelves 3

Overall, it was a pretty quick project and made for a nice finished look in the family room.


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