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Ironman Week 2 Results

So the first week of the Ironman tournament is behind us (second week of the NFL season).

Note that everyone received 16 points for Week 1.  Games this week were worth 1 point and next week will be worth 1 point again.

Kevin (Whizzanator) was the big winner this week beating out Laura (Mad Mary Flint) by 1 point. Caryn, Meg, and I trail the field with only 7 correct picks.

Here are the results after Week 2.  You can also see these on the website at http://www.thelepperts.com/fusion

Score per Week
Player Total 1 2
Points per Game 1 1
Whizzanator 27 16 11
Mad Mary Flint 26 16 10
Shippai Shiyou 25 16 9
Last Years’ Winner 25 16 9
Mommy madness 25 16 9
JoesTeam 24 16 8
beberly 24 16 8
Parker Prognostications 23 16 7
The Flying Monkeys 23 16 7
vellone 23 16 7

Comments on: "Ironman Week 2 Results" (4)

  1. Man, I’m sucking already and tied in last place. I also don’t think Peter understands grammar… Who is Mad Mary Flint? A pirate? (I know it’s Mom) Rach, what is Shippai Shiyou?

  2. I would rather be in the middle of the pack. These games are only worth one point so not to worry, Caryn. And yes, Mad Mary Flint is my pirate name. I didn’t even know I had one. The internet is awesome!

  3. What’s my pirate name? Man, I’m still sucking…

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