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Ironman Update

Here is the current status of the Ironman Tournament after the second playoff week:

There are only three people who can score more points in the playoffs during the final two weeks: Les, Kevin, and me.

  • Les has Minnesota winning next week and in the Super Bowl
  • Kevin has New Orleans winning next week and in the Super Bowl
  • I have Minnesota winning next week (but not the Super Bowl)

Next week’s games are worth 60 points and the Super Bowl winner is worth 80 points.

If Minnesota wins next week (they are playing against New Orleans), Les will win. Although I will move into third place, I can’t gain ground on Les.

However, if New Orleans wins next week, and they win the Super Bowl, Kevin will win (with 783 points to Les’ 757).

Regardless, Rachel has secured last place 😦


Comments on: "Ironman Update" (1)

  1. Leslie McVeigh said:

    Kevin has been barred from the tourney for unsportsman like conduct. I declare myself the winner. Go me!! It’s okay baby, you can still touch the trophy…

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