A hammer in search of a nail…

Here is the current status of the Ironman Tournament after the third playoff week:

It has all come down to the Superbowl to determine the winner of this year’s Ironman Tournament.

With New Orleans’ win today, Kevin earned an additional 60 points and now has 703 points and moved from fourth place to second. He trails Les by 54 points. Kevin has New Orleans winning the Superbowl. If they do, he will get another 80 points and win the tournament!

If New Orleans loses to Indianapolis in the Superbowl, Les will win.

So either way, the McVeigh’s are going to take home the Ironman Trophy this year, but we won’t know for another two weeks which of the two will get their name on the trophy. 🙂

The rest of the standings are:

  1. Les (757)
  2. Kevin (703) [783 and First Place if New Orleans wins the Superbowl]
  3. Caryn (673)
  4. Dad (644)
  5. Peter (617)
  6. ME (602)
  7. Bonnie (583)
  8. Meg (559)
  9. Laura (543)
  10. Rachel (470)

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