A hammer in search of a nail…


With New Orleans’ win last night in the Superbowl, Kevin comes from behind to win the tournament, beating Les 783 to 757!

This means Kevin is taking the trophy this year which will be his second victory in the short, 5-year history of the tournament (Kevin was the winner the first year).

The Final standings for the year:

  1. Kevin (783)
  2. Les (757)
  3. Caryn (673)
  4. Dad (644)
  5. Peter (617)
  6. ME (602)
  7. Bonnie (583)
  8. Meg (559)
  9. Laura (543)
  10. Rachel (470)

I’ll post one more article this season with a picture of the trophy with Kevin’s name on it.  The 2010 tournament will start next September, so start figuring out who’s going to win it all next year…


Comments on: "Iroman Tournament – 2009 Winner is…" (1)

  1. Leslie McVeigh said:

    This is crap. I want a recount.

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