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Lepperts Only

You must be an approved “Lepperts Only” user to enter this section.  If you have been set up with a “Lepperts Only” user ID, you may enter here.

Otherwise, make sure you create a user ID (via the Login section on the bottom right side) and then leave a comment on this page (below) to have me add you as a “Lepperts Only” user.



Comments on: "Lepperts Only" (27)

  1. Please let me in. I’m looking for addresses.

  2. caleppert said:

    Let me in, I need leppert addresses.

  3. leopard10 said:

    I’m so confused. I’m now registered with WordPress but how do I get into the Lepperts Only section. Seems like is need login credentials just for that.

    • No reason to be confused. Once you are registered with WordPress, I need to change your authorization level (in other words, I can’t “authorize” you until you have a WordPress login; now that you do, I can authorize you). You should now be set up and see the LeppertsOnly information. If you can’t, let me know.

  4. leopard10 said:

    Oh, leopard10 is jenny

  5. Paul
    I am now registered with WordPress.
    So “Authorize” me.

  6. Hi Paul,
    i’ve registered. Yippy.

  7. Paul can you authorize me?

  8. chris0001 said:

    I think i did this right but I need to authorized???

  9. Have I been addded yet?

  10. rmleppert said:

    Paul do what you need to do I think I’m in.

  11. andrealeppert said:

    OK…registered for wordpress..what now..

  12. andrealeppert said:

    OK…I’m being especially dumb? Where are the addresses?

    • Andrea,

      You should be able to click on the “here” link in the above first paragraph. That will take you to a page with a link to the addresses. If you get an error after clicking on the above link, make sure you’re logged in.

      – Paul

  13. paul, can you authorize me please.. thx,

  14. Paul
    If I go to the Lepperts blog and then to “Lepperts Only”, and then click on Login “either right or left column” finally click on “here”. I then get an error msg.”error 404 not found”


  15. me too! not sure how to log on. xoxo Amy

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