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Pool Cue Rack – Part 3

When we last left the new rack, it was off to the “finishing room” (i.e., the basement).

Laura stained it and applied 3 coats of polyurethane to it to protect the finish. Follow the link to see the final pictures.



Pool Cue Rack – part 2

Last week I spent another 4 hours routing out the grooves on the rack for the bridge cue, brush, and chalk and performing the assembly and glue up. You can see it assembled and standing up in this picture:


Pool Cue Rack

I started building a pool cue rack. Spent several hours playing around creating a ball “tube” on Saturday and then five hours or so on Sunday creating the rack. Here’s a pic of the progress so far:

All of the pieces are cut out (I’m using poplar) and mostly dry-fitted. I still have to rout out some “indentions” for the chalk, brush, bridge, and shorty cue.

The finished rack will be wall-mounted, hold 8 cues, a bridge, a shorty cue, both a nine-ball rack and a standard 15-ball rack, chalk, a brush, and all the balls.