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Something for New Year’s Day…

A fun, snappy video for New Year’s Day:


Christmas Ditto

Sometimes it just isn’t worth keeping up with the Jones…  Of course, I think I would have gone for “Ditto +” and then put a small lighted tree next to it, so I could always be “one up” on my neighbor 😉

Christmas 'Ditto'

When it just isn't worth keeping up anymore...

Southwest preflight rap

If more pre-flight announcements were like this, I would enjoy flying more!  Hopefully this starts a pre-flight announcement talent escalation war.

Another funny video

Since the last Youtube video worked, let’s try this one (a viral video from Samsung)…

Robot Chicken: Star Wars (Youtube testing)

Just wanted to test being able to insert a youtube video into a blog post.  This is one of my favorite Robot Chicken sketches:

Let me know a) if you liked it and b) if you had any problems viewing it within the blog post.

Add a Caption…

Saw the following on the Gizmodo site.  Their caption was:

Send mutton and mead to archer station on crenelation 4SW, can’t hold back the hordes on an empty stomach! K Thx 🙂

Add one of your own in the comments!

Medieval SMS

Medieval SMS