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Sunday’s 7k was my first race using Runkeeper for the iPhone.  I am currently using the free version which I like a lot better than using the Nike+ (which I’m not using anymore) as it utilizes the iPhone’s GPS and can map your run on Google Maps (which has been very accurate for me).  For my workout runs, I have been using Runkeeper along with a Polar watch which I use to track my heartrate (which neither the Nike+ or Runkeeper/iPhone can do).





Just before the end of our hike, I remembered that I had installed Trailguru on my iPhone, so I started it up and recorded the last 1/2 mile of the trip. Trailguru uses the iPhone’s builtin GPS to track your hike, including distance, speed, elevation changes, etc. I’ll post more on it later, but it seemed to track pretty well even with the phone in my pocket. It allows you to take pictures from within the application and then posts the info about your hike and the photos to the Trailguru website. This makes it harder to get the pictures onto this blog (since I’m puttting the posts together from my iPhone).

I’ll have to remember to record the next hike and post my feedback.