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Multiple Google Calendars on iPhone with CalDAV

This post is for anyone using the iPhone with an existing (non-Google) calendar who also has Google Calendars they want to sync with.

iPhone Calendar

iPhone with Multiple Calendars

iPhone’s new OS 3.1 includes CalDAV support.  I don’t know all the details, but this feature allows you to add a Google Calendar to your iPhone calendar.  Previously the iPhone allowed you to do this via iCal and Google Sync.  Unfortunately, this method meant replacing your existing calendars with the Google Calendars (up to 25).  I sync my calendar to my work account (Exchange) but wanted to add Google Calendar to the mix.  With OS 3.1, you can now do this.

However, the “standard” approach only allows you to sync with your “default” Google calendar.  If you have multiple calendars, it is a bit trickier to get your calendars added, but there is a way!

Follow the link to learn how…


Test post from my iPhone

This is just a short post to test the capability of WordPress’ iPhone app.

I had to update to the latest version of WP (as I was several behind) in order for the app to work.

Seems pretty easy to draft a story, so maybe I’ll be able to start posting again since it will be easier and more convenient via my iPhone.

Now the real question is how easy it will be to add pictures from my iPhone to my articles.

That will be an exercise for later.
(actually, it will be an exercise now, see below).