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Runnin' of the Green 7k

I ran in a 7k race this weekend in downtown Denver. The weather was really nice (40’s with plenty of sunshine) and there were a lot of people running.

The course was crowded the entire race and there was a combined start for runners and walkers which made for a lot of congestion at the start and jockeying for running space throughout. It didn’t help that I didn’t realize this and started further back in the pack. The race uses timing chips (you attach it to your shoe and your time starts when you cross the starting line) so there was no reason to be up front otherwise. Not sure why they do the combined start and this was the 21st running, so they must have a good reason. My brother-in-law, Keith, is a competitive runner and he started up front and still had to contend with walkers, so it’s definitely a problem.

I started with my sister, Jen, and we were together for the first 3 1/2 miles, but then I lost her (as I said, it was crowded throughout the race). It turns out she got a cramp and had to stop for a bit.

Anyway, unofficially I finished just under 42 mins for a 9:36 pace. I’ll add the official time once (if) I get it.

This was my first race of 2009 (and my sixth race overall having run five in 2008: Canal Run 10k (Centennial, CO), BolderBoulder 10k (Boulder, CO), GooseChase 10k (Greenwood Village, CO), Fans on the Field 10k (Denver, CO), and ColderBoulder 5k (Boulder, CO).