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TV Component Shelves – Completed

So Laura and I finished the TV Component shelves.  After the pictures in part 1, we noticed the shelves had a bit of a sag in the middle.  To combat this, I added another strip of wood to the back of the shelves.  This was similar to the bullnose on the front, but I didn’t rout the back, I just left it square since you can’t see them.  I also added a cross brace in the middle of the shelves (front to back as they are installed).  I don’t know that this really did anything, but as long as I was “reinforcing”, I figured it couldn’t hurt. 😛

Laura purchased some baskets for the PS3 controllers, games, and even one for blankets at the bottom (for cold nights). And apparently our little gargoyle has a new home as well…

Here is a picture of the final product (and yes, I did straighten out those cords, so it doesn’t look messy)

Finished Shelves 1

Finished Shelves 1

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TV Component Shelves – Part 1

Last weekend I built three shelves to fit in a cubby we have below the TV and next to the fireplace.  These shelves would hold the components for the TV (Receiver, DVR, etc.) as well as some extra space for DVDs, games, accessories, etc.

So here are the three shelves installed but unpainted.  I used the same technique I used to create the shelves for the bookcases but in this case I used MDF instead of plywood but with a a poplar 1×2 routed to a bullnose mounted on the front of the shelf.  This gives the shelf a ‘beefier’ look and hides the unfinished edge of the MDF panel.

Unpainted TV Shelves

Unpainted TV Shelves

Previously, we just had our old server in the cubby with the components on top.

You can see that after the link…